Why we shut down our social media pages

One of the best things you can do as a company is to analyse what marketing channels work for you. This is something we have been doing for our clients and we thought to do same for ourselves – works like magic. When we launched SassMarketing, we opened up a Facebook account coupled with Instagram and Twitter.


As we power through to SassMarketing 2.0, we are now narrowing our focus to podcasts and our blog posts will now run on Medium and our website. Medium for blogging and podcast platforms like iTunes and Stitcher would drive the next level of engagement for us. We know this because we are looking at the data and the value each of the platforms is bringing to us – we can also see a sharp rise in podcast consumption as data cost reduces in emerging markets. Being in a position to provide expert opinions to our clients offers far more value to them and that’s why we are aggressive on podcasting.

We live in a world where publicity is key – you want to be on all platforms out there from Facebook to Twitter, from Instagram to Youtube, Quora, Medium, Pinterest, Tumblr…you name it. The thinking behind this strategy is simple – your potential clients are there!

We will continue to maintain our social media handles just so someone else doesn’t take it – we are smart like that /smiles/.


Lets break this down and look at figures – for SassMarketing, Instagram and Facebook has yielded just 2% of our total clients in the past 6 months, we did not have a Youtube presence before. Twitter has also brought in zero users for us. All of our clients has come through podcasting, adverts and word of mouth referrals. What’s the point of pouring energy into platforms that return zero value?


Social media is highly segmented these days – for businesses that are into fashion, makeup, accessories, medicine, exercise and fitness… Instagram works. For business in education, electronics, general e commerce…they have more of their audience on Facebook. For businesses focused on software, space, cars…and those with weird missions of saving the world, they fit more on Instagram. Youtube is better utilised by businesses in edtech, coaching and others in that category.


Where does that leave a business like SassMarketing, a B2B and B2C company? Well, Medium and podcasting works for us. The reason is that majority of B2B/B2C companies needs to prove their worth by becoming experts of some sort before they are regarded. By utilising Medium or Podcasting, we are able to provide value upfront to potential clients – which is the way podcasting works anyway – you share enough knowledge on a specific subject then you can gain the confidence of your targets over time.


Pouring into our analytics easily helped us understand why podcasting and blogging is crucial to us. We are able to provide immense value through sharing actual steps businesses can use. They try these baby steps and are able to see immediate results –that way, when next we tell them how or what to do, they believe us because they have seen it work over and over again.

We are excited to continually share vital info on our chosen channels.

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