Urbane Media House

For us, it is all about offering way more value than our client expects. We handled social media management, email marketing and user acquisition for Urbane Media. Based in Bonny, River State, our dedicated team was also available for live chat with potential clients.

Client: Urbane Media House
Services: Graphics, Social Media Management, Email Marketing, User Acquisition
Location: Bonny Island

The management at Urbane Media House understood they had to invest in marketing and a proper digital strategy. They had no social media presence and didn’t want an in-house tech team so they contacted us to be their tech arm. We super-changed their business, creating massive social media presence and providing live chat support, we ran customer acquisition campaigns and handled email marketing for them as well. Tirelessly, we aim to provide on demand support for potential leads coming in through social media. We drive up user engagement, create original content, distribute online visibility across a wide range of platforms (Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr, Medium, Youtube, podcasting and webinar platforms). Our aim is maximum visibility while we use email marketing to pull potential clients into the sales funnel.