SideProject had been functioning for a while but their growth was slow. Under new management, they decided to provide their services across Africa as a whole so they contacted us because we know how! We did this fantastic crowdfunding website for SideProject. They are helping African startups raise investments easily. Through this website, they have successfully raised funds for tens of startups that fit within their goals; amount running into Millions. We are excited their investors and entrepreneurs are able to collaborate on a higher level using the website we made for them.

Client: SideProject
Services: Web design, graphics, video jingle
Deployed: Across Africa


The website is able to allow admins upload startups in need of funds. Individuals can register and fund any platform while they have access to a dashboard where they can track the startups progress, monitor vital signed, connect and collaborate with other investors and request for withdrawal.

We have an app under development for SideProject as well.

We also helped them create their graphics, video jingles and oversaw a go-to-market strategy for them. The results were immense and we are still shocked at the traction they have gained on account of our support

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