2019 Growth Plan for Fashion Businesses – free download

A lot of founders want to talk about their company, how they are different and why people should patronise them. The truth is that this doesn’t work that much anymore. It takes too much effort to gain a significant following. So here is what we propose in 3 easy steps


Like we said, you have to show people what you are, not tell them! Direct a Mannequin Challenge in a crowded space like Shoprite and have a hidden camera somewhere with a clear vantage point to capture the faces of people who would be caught!

This not only provides a good laugh when the victims are pointed to the camera, but it also inspires them to KNOW your brand. They would feel an immediate emotional connection to your brand after the show. Away from the camera after the laughs and hugs, collect their social media details and tag them with the video later. They will genuinely share it with their friends and your brand logo is neatly positioned at the bottom right corner of the screen “With Love from (your brand name)”,

The cast and crew of the Mannequin Challenge should all be dressed in your brand wears.

Difficulty: Medium
Pros: Share happiness, Get social shares, Endear yourself in potential clients hearts Cons: You’ll need to get a professional video team
Impact: Social virality attained – 90% chance of growing your bottom line in 2 weeks Budget: between N30,000 – N100,000


Another really effective way to get people to patronise you over and over again is to allow people form their own perspective about your brand. The best way to do that is to become a social phenomenon: Here in 4 simple steps

A. Get a random “homeless” man in the streets of Lagos
B. Partner with a high and expensive barbing saloon
C. Team up with a makeup artist
D. Make a very beautiful shirt with some message about love, caring, humanity.

The reason this plan will work is because everyone will develop a soft spot in their hearts for the company that made the “homeless man” handsome even if it’s just for…Whew! You made it this far…download the complete pdf by completing the short form below!

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